Before Kanye West uttered the lyrics to “Paris”, I was aware of the designer Maison Martin Margiela. I was familiar with the shirts and dresses from the label but not much else. I knew that the designs were almost always just as unusual as the brand’s name. There’s always one or two pieces of fabric that seem to be unnecessary or out of place or there’s an extra pocket somewhere that makes the piece look dysfunctional. Today, I had Kanye’s verse running through my mind again and the “What’s that jacket? Margiela?” line in particular kept popping up. I realized I had no clue what Margiela jackets looked like. So, I decided to get on one of my favorite websites,, to get a look at the items Kanye made famous in one line of a song. Remember when I mentioned there’s always something unusual or odd about Margiela apparel? Well, that remained true with the jackets/blazers. I had to click on a couple of the pieces to read the product descriptions because I thought the pictures were deceiving me. I cannot explain these pieces so I will just show you one. It's a one button, single chest blazer. So, if you have a great shirt that only has embellishments on one side or if you are feeling a little chilly on the right but not so much on the left, then this could be the perfect blazer for you. What boggled my mind even more, this half of a blazer is $540! Five hundred forty dollars for one sleeve, one button, one pocket... *blank stare* Does this not give you flashbacks to that episode of The Cosby Show when Denise made that lopsided shirt for Theo? If you are interested though, you can purchase this piece here! There are a few more of these interesting pieces on this link. There are even a couple more that are half blazers, so you can pick and choose which half look you like the best! I cannot guarantee that if you wear any of these pieces, you will get asked "Whats that jacket? Margiela?". I can, however, guarantee you will get asked "Where's the rest of your jacket?" -Courtney  
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