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t’s no secret more and more black women are opting to go natural when it comes to their hair. For some the choice is about nothing more than achieving healthier, stronger strands, but on the other end of the spectrum the decision is much deeper. Natural hair isn’t just about being healthy, it’s about self-acceptance and rejecting dominant images of beauty in American society. A video has been circling the Internet of a black woman who wrote a poem about why she embraces natural hair and rejects weave. Titled, “A Beautiful Disaster,” in the video, the author explores the history of black women’s hatred for their own hair and how the ideals we internalize about our locks not being good enough elevates other races. She opens the poem with:

“It’s crazy to think that we have hair we don’t know how to care for because we spent years wasting money on weaves and relaxers at the hair store. And most of these businesses aren’t even owned by blacks, so another race is benefiting from our weave obsession, how do you feel about that?”

In the push for women to become comfortable with their hair as it grows from their scalps, extremists have tried to make women feel guilty for not having the same attitude toward natural hair as they do. In this clip we see much of that sentiment and policing of other women’s hair choices, but the author also gives us some important things to think about. What the clip and tell us what you think.

Is this video poem on point?

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