I love this chick’s blog and i love her straight hair just as much as i love her curly hair. I saw this post on her blog and i just had to share it with your guys! The products that I use when I wear my hair straight are completely different than the products I use when I wear my hair in it’s naturally curly state. These products consistently give shine, body, elasticity and strength as well as moisture to last me until my next straightening session. As you can see, I use five products in my hair before pressing it. It may sound like a lot of product but each serves a specific function that I have been unable to find in any one product exclusively. Even though I use what some may consider to be an insane amount of products in one styling session, my hair has tons of body and is build-up/residue free. The key to using numerous products and still maintaining body is controlling the amount of product used. I use about a dime to quarter size amount of each product on my entire head. Here is a little more about why I use each product:   Fermodyl 619: Especially formulated for coarse, curly hair; Fermodyl helps correct porosity and elasticity issues. This is extremely beneficial if you use heat regularly, as regular thermal styling tends to lead towards overly porous hair, and excess combing/detangling can lead to loss of elasticity. Because Fermodyl is formulated with Lactic Acid, it also makes detangling a breeze, which can help cut down on damage from combing! - I use this product on my wet hair prior to adding my leave-in.   Sebastian Potion #9: This is hands down my favorite leave-in when I choose to wear my hair straight. This product leaves my hair shiny, soft, and hydrated without the waxy residue. This leave-in is formulated as a wearable styler which means that your hair will still have movement/body when wearing it in free flowing hair styles. - I apply this product AFTER the Fermodyl 619 Frederick Fekkai Glossing Cream: Definitely earned it’s keep amongst the holy grail products. I absolutely love this because it adds extra softness, shine and body; something that is desperately needed during those harsh winter months.- I apply this product after the Sebastian Potion #9 Aveda Brilliant Damage Protection: This is by far the best heat protectant I have used to date. Yes it is a tad on the expensive side, however it protects the hair quite nicely while imparting a sleekness to the hair that is second to no other heat protectant on the market [in my opinion]. - I apply this after the Glossing Cream Chi Silk Infusion: I use this product to further enhance sheen and seal in the moisture from the aforementioned products. This helps seal the cuticles keeping the ends of your hair nice and smooth ensuring a nice sleek finish. - I apply this product AFTER I blow-dry my hair but BEFORE I press it. Do I moisturize my hair while it is straight? For the first 1-2 weeks no. I find that with using the products mentioned above, my hair stays soft and hydrated for up to two weeks. If I add any product to my hair, it will be Coconut Oil added to the ends only to lubricate them and keep them from splitting and/or snagging. I add Coconut Oil to my pressed hair about once every 3-4 days. If I leave my hair straight for longer than 2 weeks, I then use a thicker moisturizer like Burdock Root Butter by Qhemet’s or Whipped Pudding by Oyin.
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