So I have been really really busy! I am one busy bee these days! One of the task i have taken on is becoming the natural hair blogger for Nola Black Professionals because as yall know, New Orleans is home for me. My latest post is giving advice on why you should wear your natural hair in the workplace. ~que horror music~ Check it out
For about as long as I have been in the natural hair industry, I have always seen the question, “Can I wear my natural hair on my job?” My answer is and always will be the same. YES! YES YOU CAN! There is no law that states that if your hair isn’t “straight” that you can’t work somewhere. As a matter of fact, discriminating against someone based on their hair is so illegal. With that being said, I have discovered more benefits to working in the workplace with my hair than cons. 1. It makes you stand out. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE wants to get noticed on their job by the people who matter. Everyone wants a chance to climb to the top and if you blend in with the crowd, well you will never stand out! Your hair makes the very statement that says “I’m different” without saying a single word. Continue reading on Nola Black Professionals......
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