Natural hair Tip : "The Baggy Method"

The baggy method is typically used by women that find it hard to keep their hair moist and conditioned for long periods of time. The goal of the baggy method is to keep your hair moisturized and to prevent breakage. The ends of your hair are really delicate and are more prone to breakage. if they don’t get the adequate levels of moisture. The baggy method can be used daily after moisturizing and sealing your hair to lock in moisture. I use it mostly on my ends! It can be used on natural hair or relaxed hair!

This is very useful for those times when you feel like nothing you do to your natural hair will stop it from being dry. This will stop your natural hair from being dry especially your ends! You can use a heavy oil or a butter. This time i used Shea butter. You can use either that or castor oil or again, any other heavy oil that you may have. My youtube tutorial will be releasing on how to do this this week! The youtube tutorial that will be titled "The Baggy Method" will also show a before and after of my ends before and after i baggy my hair! Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified of new tutorials and tips right to your inbox!  

"The Baggy Method" Tutorial

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