My big chop story is nothing that amazing. It was something that happened sporadically. Well the second time it was sporadic. The first time I transitioned for a year and then I chopped it off. The second time I wasn't about to go through all that again. I'd done it once and was not prepared to go through that again so i basically decided that I would just simply chop it all off. I went in the bathroom Looked in the mirror Grabbed the scissors And just hacked my hair off.... Didn't think about it Damn near closed my eyes when i did it and I just cut my hair in the most unforgiving area EVER. There was no going back and there was no hiding it. The big chop happened so fast for me and it was a mix of emotion that i wasn't even prepared for. At first I was happy and that quickly turned into "OH SHIT! I just cut my hair off!" It was well worth it though because 4 years later we started from the bottom   Now we here! I asked this question on facebook and I loved the responses! I love engaging with you guys! Myeisha R Moses I'd been transitioning for about 7 months, and I couldn't deal with the two textures. I had been planning to cut the relaxed hair off for a while. So I got some scissors and cut it all off..that was August 8th, 2013. Jessica Rice I was trying to transition but after 4 four months, I was like #icant. So January 17, 2011 I did the Big Chop. Quisha Smith Pretty much the same. I hadn't had a perm in a LONG time and my mom was tired of looking at it. She offered to pay for me to get a relaxer the next day and I agreed to it. Then I just went and sat in the mirror and stared at my hair...lo and behold...I saw SCISSORS! My mind said no...but my heart AND hair said YES!! This was a year and a half ago and I will never go back to the creamy crack!! Icshia Munson I was about 27 weeks pregnant. I had just got done doing a acv and baking soda treatment. Afterwards, my hair was extremely dry and super nappy. So I just took the scissors and cut a huge chunk from the side. I couldn't stop there, so I kept going then I put my husbands clippers to use. That was Nov. 12, 2013 Faith NaturalGoddess Randle I transitioned for 8 months and I got tired of it. I went and got it bc on July 13, 2011. I had to actually do again that November but I'm glad I did and I'm not turning back. Edith Allen I went to beauty school 4/15/2011 big chop it was. Going natural is the best decision I could have made. After having a wave nouveau for years, perm for years, natural was my next step! A lot of people didn't agree me doing the big chop at first but you can't beat them now with oh can I touch your hair and the now what you say you put on your hair questions! LOL

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