Natural hair memes were the laugh of the year for me! I know it's only October but the year is flying by so fast and i had to point some of these out! After all, this is a natural hair blog and it wouldn't be right not to point out one of the best parts of this year! Just letting you all know before you scroll, some people may find the language in some of these memes offensive. 1. "Shoosh it's a library" chapter 268 ( natural hair) If you aren't following 2realmacdatfee on Instagram, you are missing out on one of the best comedy shows on IG! In one of his recent posts, he had the nerve to go in on us and our hair products. Lmao! I am surprised no one posted this! This was definitely one of the best natural hair memes of the year! Pay attention to what he recorded. I was DEAD at the Mike's Hard Lemonade. I'm not playing with him. 2. Natural girls be like... This meme speaks completely for itself. We all know we feel like Celie from the color purple when we go to bed but when we take it down, GLORY! 3. Yo weave look like .... This isn't exactly a natural hair meme per say but i just feel like it would have been wrong to exclude it. LOL some of these weaves out here look so rough! 4.Wash Day... LMAAOO!! Come on now! Tell the truth and shame the devil! We know damn well that wash day looks and feels like this. Our natural hair doesn't play any games with us and we just sit there looking at the products most of the time. But wait! The ranch dressing and the broccoli. I'm done. 5. Hey girl Idris Elba You did what?! You know how much time it takes to get rid of single strand knots and you did it in my sleep? Boy what you want for breakfast! 6. Is it growing? Length obsession These 2 natural hair memes ring tried and true! We all know at some point we have been there. Whether it's early on in our journey or later on. At some point, length obsession kicks in and it kicks in BAD! We start measuring, looking in the mirror, asking other people if they see a difference and whatever else falls under this category.   7. I'm going natural LMAO! Yall know transitioners don.'t have to look like this. Going natural aka transitioning does not have to look like you let a chicken play in your head. 8. What if i told you... This natural hair meme, so accurate. 9. I can't go natural Time of death = 12:16 pm

I wonder what natural hair memes 2014 has in store for us. I'm honestly not ready. Lol

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