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Hey guys! I will be sharing with you the service I use in the salon to earn $400 per client!


Now i know that seems impossible to some but I will also be discussing ways to start small and build your way up!


About this Course:

This course is designed to teach students about the benefits of a formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing complex that elongates the curl pattern, defrizzes hair, and lasts for 3 months. Students will learn how to use the product to increase hair's tensile strength, smooth the cuticle layer, and create a more relaxed, silky, shiny, healthy, and manageable head of hair.


The course will also cover the key benefits of the product and the ability to yield a silky straight or naturally curly/wavy look every day.


Course Outline:

1. Introduction

- Definition of a formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing complex

- Explanation of how the product elongates the curl pattern and defrizzes hair

- Overview of the key benefits of the product


2. Hair Preparation

- Explanation of how to prepare hair for the product application

- Overview of the steps to take before using the product

- Description of the tools needed for hair preparation


3. Product Application (LIVE DEMO)

- Description of the application process

- Explanation of how to apply the product for maximum effectiveness

- Overview of the product's ability to smooth the cuticle layer and increase hair's tensile strength


4. Maintenance

- Explanation of how to maintain the product's effects

- Overview of the steps to take to ensure long-lasting results

- Description of how to keep hair healthy and manageable after using the product


5. Pricing & Client Acquisition

- How to creating starting prices for this service

- How to get clients for this service

- How many clients you need to hit 6 figures 


Student Testimonials


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