I asked this question on FB and i received some really interesting answers. Again, I LOVE interacting with you all. You know what always seems to amaze me? When someone that doesn't have natural hair sees my hair and they feel a reason to explain to me why they don't have natural hair either. I'm just sitting there like   I'm like "YO CHILL!" I don't need to know why your not natural. AS A MATTER OF FACT, I DON'T CARE! I'm not some natural hair nazi that's like "DEATH TO THE RELAXER" Honestly, the most that I'm concerned with is healthy hair. I don't need you to be natural but at least care for it if you do have a relaxer. With that being said, I honestly think some of these natural hair myths came from people being afraid to go natural so they just say anything that comes to mind. I asked this question on FB and here were some of the responses that i received Ayana Blessednhappy Williams 1. That it's nappy. 2. Doesn't grow 3. That it's rough/dry Cassie Price cant comb it smh Karima Carr I get so tired of people saying "oh thats so easy, you just get up and go." No baby natural hair is very much high maintenance. It takes patience, time, and a whole lotta prayer!!! LOL Gigi Brown It's unprofessional Gail Russell You have to buy expensive products to manage it/to make it look good. Barbara Washington Miller 1. I would go natural i had hair like yours! 2. Natural hair isn't for everybody! 3. My hair won't do that! Mel Littlejohn .people with natural hair are lazy and don't comb their hair... it won't grow. . Nicole MsNikki Thompson 1. It's jus a phase.. 2. black girls can't grow long hair.. and 3. Natural hair feel hard/dry I still can't believe that whole "our hair won't grow" myth is still around. Do I have to pull out multiple pictures to prove otherwise? I have an entire PIN BOARD dedicated to debunking this myth.

So I ask you, my lovely blog readers, what are some natural hair myths that you are SICK of hearing? Let me know in the comments!

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