Woah! I have never heard such ignorant statments in my LIFE! Here is the backstory. This woman calls in and automatically says that she is about to say some controversial and off the all statements. Apparently she is a dark skinned woman calling in and here are some of her specific statements
  • I married a white man on purpose so my kids could have better hair and skin
  • Dark skin people are unattractive and i didn't want my kids to go through that
  • Dark skin people are ashy
Hefa are you serious?! How's that whole self esteem thing working out for you? Better hair and better skin?? You sound like an idiot. Your kids ain't some damn experiments in a Frankenstein factory! Have a seat! You sound SO stupid! So your skin is ashy by default? Put lotion on! Your hair is "bad" by default? Take care of it! How old are you now?! C'mon man! I cannot believe how ignorant some people are. Yes, society does attach a stigma to people with a darker complexion but when are you going to learn that society really doesn't care about you AT ALL so why should you care what they think??? So you basically telling me that you married your husband, not because you loved him, but basically because he fulfilled your "skin and hair" complexion requirements. That's....pathetic.. I am sorry but i have seen beautiful dark skinned people and I myself am an AVID supporter of the dark chocolate man.   When i see a dark skinned chocolate brother... i feel like  And i won't stop at the men. There a ton of beautiful darkskinned women! [gallery ids="5105,5106,5107,5104,5103"] People can be really ignorant it's not even funny sheesh

Thoughts and comments people?

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